Golden Bull


Aranybulla Original title
history/drama Genre
30 min Runtime
6 Episodes
László Kriskó Director
Jenő Hábermann, Philip Rákay, Zoltán Csincsi Producer
Zsolt Trill, Iván Fenyő, Franciska Törőcsik, Cast


When the young II. Andrew ascended the throne, he had to face not only the Kuns invading Transylvania and the approaching Muslim influence, but also the lords who were intriguing inside the Court. With the help of his beloved wife, Gertrúd, her family from Meran and in alliance with the church, he threw himself into the fight for the further rise of the Kingdom of Hungary. His adventurous journey led him through the altars of churches and halls of beautiful palaces to the distant Jerusalem. The young king from the House of Árpád wearing with the Holy Crown of Hungary became a wiser monarch during the challenges he was forced to endure. For the sake of the country and his nation he made a new alliance with his people and laid down the rules in the Golden Bull in 1222. This six-part docudrama series includes spectacular re-enactments and intriguing explanations from historian experts.