Halfway Home

romantic comedy/fantasy

Átjáróház Original title
romantic comedy/fantasy Genre
2022 Release
104 min Runtime
Isti Madarász Director
András Muhi, Gábor Ferenczy Producer
Vivien Rujder, Péter Bárnai, János Kulka, Attila Árpa, Kata Dobó, Miklós Galla, Erzsébet Kútvölgyi Cast


Christian is a twenty-something with no direction to his life. He starts his new job at the morgue - it seems easy: he is the nightwatchman. The only thing he is supposed to do is sit through his shift. But on the first night he finds that the dead don't rest in peace; they are waking up to walk the corridors and ask for his help. Soon Christian finds that his job description runs longer than he thought. The souls trapped at the morgue have just recently died; and they all have some unresolved matter from their living days - they can't pass this stage with the excess baggage on their soul. The dead have 29 days to resolve their problems - and their agent in life is the Nightwatchman; Christian. He has to grow to match this new responsibility; because if he doesn't the souls are destroyed by his polar opposite - the Mortician; a faceless, inhuman power that consumes the dead. Christian has to learn new tricks and skills in order to save as many of the souls as he could; he is even getting good at it - but the unexpected happens; he falls in love with Ági, the girl of his dreams. Too bad she is already dead; spending his final 29 days at the morgue. Christian has got no other choice; together with his witch aunt he devices a plan - a plan on how to escape from the nighttime morgue, through the underworld into life. But the Mortician won't let them go easily.


Brussels BIFFF - 2023 Silver Méliès Best European Film Award


2023 - Porto Alegre Fantaspoa (in competition)