Heights And Depths


Magasságok és mélységek Original title
drama Genre
2022 Release
96 min Runtime
Sándor Csoma Director
Claudia Sümeghy, Tamás Yvan Topolánszky Producer
Emőke Pál, Zsolt Trill, Lajos Ottó Horváth, Iván Fenyő, Anna Fehér, Ildikó Tóth, Erika Tankó Cast


The story is about Hilda Sterczer, the widow of the internationally renowned mountaineer, Zsolt Erőss. Through her eyes we get a glimpse into the events of the next few days by following Zsolt's unsuccessful conquest of the mountain, resulting in a tragedy.  Hilda is forced to follow helplessly, thousands of miles away, as her husband, participating in the Kancsendzönga expedition, becomes extremely exhausted and then ultimately dies during the descent from the mountain peak. She remains alone with their two children.   Having been a supporter of Zsolt throughout his life, even after his death, Hilda tries to cope with the expectations of the public and the attacks of the media, with the same attitude the deceased had. However, precisely this compliance constraint that delays the mourning process. It takes time for her to admit that she needs help in dealing with the tragedy, and that she can't handle all the obstacles alone. She has to find her own identity to start laying down the foundations of her new life.


2022 - Cinefest - Miskolc International Film Festival