Locked up Secrets


Cellamesék Original title
crime/drama Genre
50 min Runtime
8 Episodes
Manó Csillag Director
Gábor Kálomista, Dorottya Helmeczy Producer


How does a Hungarian scientist beaten almost to death help Yuri Gagarin who is floating in space? Is there a way out of the clutches of a sexually overheated Nazi prison warden? Can a mother who killed her child be forgiven? Is there an escape from the toxicity of loneliness caused by an apocalypse that will destroy our civilization in the near future? Prison is one of the cruelest inventions in human history. Freedom is greatly valued by every human society but each of them ruthlessly takes it away from those who commit a crime. But what is sin really? Who are the real criminals? Locked Up Secrets shows through eight human stories how the definition of sin and innocence changed in the very same prison cell over 200 years, from the middle of the 19th century to the near future. 

8x1 hour