Not a Thing


Veszélyes lehet a fagyi Original title
drama/romance Genre
2022 Release
90 min Runtime
Fanni Szilágyi Director
Ági Pataki, Edina Kenesei Producer
Natasa Stork, Márton Patkós, Máté Szabó, Ágnes Csikász, Magdi Bódy Cast


Éva and Adél are identical twins in their thirties.

Adél found her stability in a workaholic, reserved lifestyle. She distracts herself from everyone and rarely has romantic relationships. She is moving to Norway to work as a radiologist.
Éva seems to have it all. A beautiful baby and a confident and successful husband, Tamas. But internaly, she is very dependent on her husband and too tenuous to be alone. She can’t face the fact, that while Tamas is appealing and socially accepted , he is sometimes abusive and too dominant at home.

Their lives turn upside down when they meet Ákos, a worker in Tamas’s company. He is everything they are not. A strange object of desire. They both fall in love with him, without knowing the other is doing the same. When Adel starts dating him, Eva is falling apart. Though it all seems to be about Ákos, the situation leads them to a realization;  what they are  missing is each other.The story is told from the twins conflicting perspectives. It is about two people, who were once sharing the same womb, but life brought them apart, and they are not able to see the other clearly anymore when they really need it.



New York Filmweek - 2022 Best Actress


2023 - Cluj-Napoca Transilvania
2023 - Wiesbaden GoEast Film Festival (in competition)