Our Blossom


countries: Vietnam

Az almafa virága Original title
drama/romance Genre
2023 Release
110 min Runtime
Dóra Szűcs Director
Lea György, Anna Sípos Producer
Nari Nguyen, Balázs Koltai-Nagy, Péter Kálloy Molnár, András Sütő, Dzhuliya Lam, Juhász Jázmin, Tamás Dunai Cast


The film takes place in two intertwining storylines. One tells the adventures of a young Vietnamese girl Song Ha, who came to Budapest to find out more about her grandmother's (Thien Nga) mysterious past. She meets a young man, Viktor who is from the first moment certain that Song Ha is the love of his life and helps her in the investigation.? Meanwhile, in a different storyline we travel back in time when Thien Nga, a Vietnamese undergraduate girl accidentally bumps into the most handsome guy in her class, Tibor. As their relationship blossoms into love, it is closely observed by the Supervising Officer who was sent by the Vietnamese government to make sure none of the Vietnamese exchange students feel the need to stay in Hungary.