Peace - Over The People


Béke - a nemzetek felett Original title
documentary/feature Genre
2022 Release
HD Format
91 min Runtime
Ádám Tősér Director
Dorottya Helmeczy Producer
József Kelemen, Csaba Zöld, Csaba Jakab, Péter Barbinek, László Barnák Cast


In the aftermath of WWI, Hungary faced a far-reaching crisis: it was no longer a leading nation within the Austro-Hungarian Empire and its population, territory, economy, and leadership had been severely impacted by the Great War. The nation’s survival depended on the success of the Peace Delegation led by Count Apponyi. This docudrama shows the struggle of the Hungarians to broker a proportional and fair treaty while it reveals the reasons and circumstances that led to the most catastrophic loss Hungary has suffered in its thousand-year history with the help of Hungarian and French historians.