Hasadék Original title
drama Genre
2021 Release
HD Format
92 min Runtime
Balázs Krasznahorkai Director
Gábor Szántó, Iván Angelusz, Péter Reich Producer
Levente Molnár, Dénes Babai, Levente Orbán, Lajos Kovács, Rozi Lovas Cast


Hungarian obstetrician and soon-to-be father Bálint Grassai left his native village in Maramures, Romania many years ago to attend medical school in Budapest.  He also left behind a son he never met, the result of a short affair with a local woman.  At Easter, when Bálint returns to bury his father, he is faced with deciding the fate of his abandoned son. Simon is now a self-destructive and rebellious 17-year-old, beholden to local gang leader Dumitru.  On the cusp of becoming a father again, Bálint is wrenched back into the stark and unforgiving world he left behind.


Săo Paulo Cinefantasy - 2021 Best Actor
Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 2021 Best Film
Parma Music Film Festival - 2021 Best screenplay


2021 - Goa International Film Festival of India (in competition)
2021 - Sofia International Film Festival
2021 - Palic International Film Festival (in competition)