Six Weeks


Hat hét Original title
drama Genre
2023 Release
95 min Runtime
Noémi Veronika Szakonyi Director
Judit Romwalter Producer
Katalin Román, Mónika Balsai, András Mészáros , Katalin Roman, Zsuzsa Jaro, Lana Szczaurski Cast


Zsófi, the rebellious teenager lives in a tiny flat with her little sister, Mesi and her unstable mother, Bea, who tries to get by working as a hairdresser at a local beauty salon. Zsófi discovered late that she was pregnant and decides to give up her baby through open adoption to an infertile couple, Emma and Gábor. Bea cannot accept her daughter’s decision, but she does not realize that neither her, nor the circumstances are suitable to welcome a newborn. Zsófi always had to behave like a grownup, by working and making sensible decisions instead of her mother and for her sister. She is still at high school and her only vantage point is her table tennis career for which she works assiduously. She plans the adoption thoroughly with the help of a social worker. Following the childbirth, she is given six weeks by law to change her mind and ask for her kid back. She seems to be able to ruthlessly control her feelings and continue towards the goals she set. Although Zsófi is intellectually determined and makes a mature decision, she is not prepared for the emotional and physical rollercoaster that is about to begin. She tries to remain reasonable in all situations, but due to her vehement temperament, she enters into confrontations with her environment and becomes isolated. At the same time, her maternal feelings intensify, doubts arise, and she slowly begins to question her own decisions. The film follows the quotidian details of Zsófi’s life intimately and presents the viewer with the perspective of the biological mother going through this emotionally complex period in the context of today’s Hungary.


Bosphorus Film Festival - 2022 Best Actress
Arras Film Festival - 2022 Silver Atlas Award for Best Director
Arras Film Festival - 2022 Best Youth Film
Cinefest - Miskolc International Film Festival - 2022 Adolf Zukor Award - Main Prize
Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival - 2022 Just Film Grand Prix
Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 2023 Best First Feature
Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 2023 Best Actress
Hungarian Motion Picture Festival - 2023 Student Jury
Lagów International Film Festival - 2023 Special Prize
Shanghai International Film Festival - 2023 Best Actress
Catania - Kinest Fest - 2023 Main Prize
Saitama Skip City International D-Cinema Festival - 2023 Zsűri különdíj


2022 - Sarajevo Film Festival (in competition)
2022 - Tallinn Black Nights Film Festival (in competition)
2022 - Targu-Mures AlterNative
2022 - Warsaw International Film Festival
2022 - Cluj Napoca - Filmtettfeszt
2023 - BUFF Malmö Film Festival (in competition)
2023 - Selb Grenzland-Filmtage Festival (in competition)
2023 - Lagów International Film Festival (in competition)