Song of Lives


Életek éneke Original title
documentary Genre
2008 Release
35mm Format
100 min Runtime
Csaba Bereczki Director
Csaba Bereczki, Tamás Tolmár Producer
László Kelemen, János Zerkula, István Jámbor Cast


In a village deep in Transylvania, a number of people are attending the funeral of a great Gypsy–Hungarian violinist. His death brought together all the musicians int he region. The Master is gone, but a new group is born, an orchestra of 27 musicians of Gypsies, Romanians and Hungarians. The film, like a gentle road-movie, discovers the tragic and happy moments through different destinies. Their music however, is eternal.


2008 - Salerno International Film Festival (in competition)
2009 - Cluj-Napoca Transilvania
2008 - Warsaw International Film Festival (in competition)
2009 - Vukovar Film Festival (in competition)
2008 - Leipzig International Festival for Documentary and Animated Film