The Missing Tale


Emlékek őrei Original title
documentary Genre
84 min Runtime
Klára Trencsényi Director
Julianna Ugrin Producer
Sarah Cohen, Elias (Babu) Josephai, Meydad Eliyahu, Thaha Ibrahim Cast


The Indian town of Cochin has had an active Jewish community for 2,000 years. At the outset of making this film, only seven Jews remained, including 95-year-old Sarah Cohen, the director's adopted grandmother who inspires her to discover her own Eastern European identity. As Klára Trencsényi films the diminishing community that once happily coexisted with Muslims, Hindus, and Christians, she realizes that Sarah is keeping some secrets of her own. The film documents an intimate journey between Europe and India, the experiences of discrimination, the search for identity, and the magical stories of the Jews of Cochin.


2023 - Bergamo Film Meeting (in competition)