Tititá Original title
documentary Genre
2015 Release
HD Format
85 min Runtime
Tamás Almási Director
Tamás Almási, Julianna Ugrin Producer
Ferenc Snétberger, Antal Kuru, Ádám Lakatos, Tamás Siska Cast


Anti is a 18-year-old Roma boy, who loves to play the guitar. He is presented with the opportunity to break out of a rundown Roma slum in a remote corner of Hungary, and travels to the Snétberger Music Talent Center, where he has been selected for his talent, along with sixty other Roma youths. He now has the chance of a better life. The question is whether he can make the most of this golden opportunity. Does he possess the ability to change his seemingly predestined life?

Through Anti’s story the full-length documentary film also introduces the excellent work of the Snétberger Music Talent Center.


2015 Sarajevo Film Festival - Special Jury Prize


Sarajevo Film Festival - 2015 Special Jury Prize


2016 - Thessaloniki Documentary Festival
2016 - San Sebastian Human Rights Film Festival (in competition)
2016 - Lagów International Film Festival (in competition)
2017 - Starnberg Fünf Seen Film Festival