Toxikoma Original title
drama Genre
2021 Release
HD Format
124 min Runtime
Gábor Herendi Director
Gabriella Illés, Gábor Herendi, Mónika Nagy Producer
Áron Molnár, Barna Bányai Kelemen, Orsolya Török-Illyés Cast


Toxikoma is based on the memoirs of Győző Szabó, a famous Hungarian actor, in which a drug addict alpha male and a psychiatrist Dr Imre Csernus are playing gods, flex their muscles, challenge each other and finally become friends. The story outlines the most difficult years of a young man moving from the countryside to Budapest, for years falling further and further in the world of drugs. Upon his arrival in Budapest, Győző worked as a waiter, graphic artist, a toy maker and also ventured into the swirling world of actors. He eventually ends up in a wild, seemingly eternal heroin spiral, with everything falling apart around him: family, work, future - but finally he decides on the tapering-off cure. It is during this cure that he meets the psychiatrist Dr Csernus. The film is about the fight between the egos of two dominant males who need to realise that they can only progress together.



Stara Zagora Golden Linden - 2022 Best Actor


2021 - Palic International Film Festival
2022 - Cluj Napoca - Filmtettfeszt