Willy and the Guardians of the Lake: winter adventure

animated/family film

Lengemesék 2 - Tél a nádtengeren Original title
animated/family film Genre
2018 Release
HD Format
70 min Runtime
Zsolt Pálfi Director
Réka Temple Producer


The green Verdies are tiny, yet brave guardians of the lakeside. Verdies only become guardians when they reach an age in which their hair turns brown and until then life is boring. The green-haired youngsters are not allowed to fly on warblers to row boats alone on the lake or even to ride wild frogs at the rodeo.

Willy Whistle’s big dream is to become a guardian, but his curiosity always gets him into trouble. When the enemies of the lakeside - the Grimps and the Swans - enter into alliance putting the entire lake at risk, Willy has a chance to show everyone his value. As the guardians are helpless against these enemies, Willy proves that with his secret inventions, like the storm glider and the plastic bottle motorboat, he can save the Lake while protecting the environment. 


Movie Screen Pro Festival - 2019 Best Feature Animation